Finished another draft

I’ll probably say more tomorrow, but for now I wanted a quick victory lap.

I just finished the draft of my third novel, tentatively titled “Ships of My Fathers”.  I started it as a NaNoWriMo this November, reached 50,000 words on 11-20, and then let it sit for two or three weeks before picking it up again a little before Christmas.  It came in at 80,260 words, which is roughly 280-320 pages in a paperback, depending on formatting.

Previous experience tells me that it will expand to about 85-90,000 words during rewrites.

That makes two novel drafts in fourteen months, and gives me some confidence to think about two drafts a year going forward.  But all of that, and plenty of rewrites, are for the future, not for today.

Today I’m basking in the Land of the Done.