Review: Erinyes, by Scott McElhaney

I was really disappointed by this book, all the more so because the premise was so intriguing. A man wakes up from cryogenic freeze to discover that not only has his cancer been cured but that he’s untold thousands of years in the future and on a ship exploring another galaxy. The mystery of why they wanted him and a few other “popsicles” for this mission was enough to pull me forward through the story.

Alas, I found most of the other characters frustrating as their moods flipped around unpredictably, and the rest of the backstory around their mission and what’s happened on Earth was not very compelling. Then the story seemed to run out of steam and jump to the climax without much of any build-up, and when the mystery of why they wanted these 21st century popsicles for the mission, I was sadly disappointed. I won’t spoil it here, but I found myself saying, “Really? That’s the best they could do? Who the heck planned this mission?”

With better characters, better plotting, and a better explanation for why these guys were there, this could have been an awesome book. But it wasn’t. I hate to write bad reviews, but this one just didn’t work for me.