In the Copyedit Trenches

Sorry I’ve been quiet this week. I’m down in the copyedit trenches now for “Ships of My Fathers”. I’m supposed to hand it off to my professional copyeditor today, but it looks like that deadline is slipping to Thursday so that I can finish my own pass first.

So, in the meantime, I thought I’d share a few bits that managed to slip past my two beta testers and my three editing passes. In fairness, those passes were for editing story and language and were not being paranoid about diction and punctuation, but still, I’m amazed these got through:

Monty put his shoulder on Michael’s and gave it a good squeeze.
He fished out as wallet as he walked.
“How do you suggest we help Michael making this adjustment?”
She went on the measure the girth of his knees.
He did night try to hide his frown.
She added a puffy white roll to his place.

That’s all in the first third of the book, plus all the boring little punctuation stuff I had to fix. I still expect my copyeditor to find some errors. I just don’t want to embarrass myself in front of her.