Back from WorldCon

Well, I’m back from WorldCon.  It was a blast, and as tiring as it was, it made me realize how much I missed seeing the national SFF scene.  Certainly, I enjoy my regional cons, but I’m looking forward to trying to do more big national cons in the future.  WorldCon is in London next year, but I don’t think I’m ready to head overseas just yet.  Then again, that might the year I finally go to DragonCon.

Anyway, I’ll have a way-too-long write-up later in the week talking about all the panels I went to.

2 thoughts on “Back from WorldCon

  1. Hi, Dan! It was great to meet you at Mur’s reading at WorldCon. Your books look like just the sort of thing I enjoy, so I have picked them up on Amazon. Good luck with your writing!

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