Review: Thor 2: The Dark World

I saw Thor 2: The Dark World over the weekend. It was pretty good, and I had a good time. I know Loki probably had the biggest expectations, given what a stud Tom Hiddleston has turned out to be, and he certainly delivered in my opinion. He got to be both good and evil, and I think his motivations for each were more understandable than for the earlier two films.

My only complaint was that I felt a little misled by one of the trailers. I don’t want to say how I was misled because that would include spoilers for the film, but the trailer I remember most strongly led me to think there would be a couple of specific plot threads that were simply not in the film. The film was plenty strong without them – stronger, I think, for the absence of one of them – but I still came away a little disappointed in not seeing them.

Oh, and if you go, stay until the very end, like when the lights come up and the ushers come to shoo you out of your seats. Like most of these Marvel films there was an extra bonus at the end. This one had two or three, scattered through the credits. One was the typical teaser for some future film – and that one might have technically been before the titles – but the other two were major plot points for the resolution of the film. Had I skipped out when the credits rolled, I’d have felt cheated that those had been left hanging. So stick it out, no matter how much you’re regretting your choice of the large Dr. Pepper.