Review: So You Created a Wormhole, by Hornshaw & Hurwitch

This is satirical guide to time travel, and while the first parts of it were quite funny, the second half flopped down into repetition and lame humor.

The first parts included some theories on time travel, mixing farce with science and movies. It also gave us descriptions of the various kinds of time machines, the perils of the various flavors of paradox, and some ideas of what to do if you ever run into yourself or break your time machine.

The second half of the book, however, is a repetitive survival guide. It follows the same formula of what to bring, what to fear, and how to fix your time machine in time periods from the dinosaurs to the future. The first one or two time periods were OK, but after a while it started to get repetitive. Long before the end, I found myself skimming and looking briefly at the crazy diagrams.

So while it started strong, it almost seemed like they ran out of steam and used the Survival Guide section to pad it out another two hundred pages. So, it made for an OK gift, but I wouldn’t spend my own money on it if I had the choice.

Vision test

As I now suffer from increasingly nasty presbyopia (age-induced far-sightedness) and need to wear reading glasses, I thought I’d pass on this vision test I made a few years back.

Some days, I suspect that my presbyopia is karmic revenge for this one.